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Episode #147: Low-Level Laser Light Therapy for Dentists

Published on: September 19, 2023
Episode #147: Low-Level Laser Light Therapy for Dentists

In this engaging podcast episode, we embark on a journey through the realm of low-level laser therapy, centering our exploration on the remarkable Erchonia laser. We start with the intriguing story of its inception, tracing the path that led to its creation. Along the way, we delve into the intricate world of laser light therapy, unraveling the significance of different laser colors and wavelengths in shaping therapeutic outcomes.

Moreover, we unveil the distinctive features that set the Erchonia laser apart from its counterparts, shedding light on the rigorous research and clinical studies that underpin its efficacy and safety. Beyond its technology, we also discover the wide-ranging applications of Erchonia laser therapy, spanning pain management to dermatological treatments. As a bonus, we take a peek behind the scenes to explore the secrets behind fostering a positive work culture within the Erchonia organization, showcasing the values and leadership that contribute to its success. Join us for an enlightening episode that combines science, innovation, and workplace dynamics into a captivating narrative.

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00:13 – Introduction to the episode
  • 00:00:33 –  Eric’s books/ events
  • 00:01:23 – Introducing the guest
  • 00:02:45 – Birth of Erchonia laser
  • 00:04:42 – Low-level laser light therapy
  • 00:06:36 – Different colors and wavelengths of lasers
  • 00:09:13 – What makes Erchonia laser different from other lasers
  • 00:11:08 – Research on Erchonia laser
  • 00:15:21 – What’s the Erchonia laser used for
  • 00:19:14 – Secret to a good work culture
  • 00:21:22 – How to find out more about Erchonia laser
  • 00:22:03 – Advice for young entrepreneurs
  • 00:24:18 – Outro


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