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The Thriving Dentist

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September 1st 2021

About Thriving Dentist

The Thriving Dentist Show is the very first dental podcast launched in 2011.
Today, The Thriving Dentist is the #1 dental podcast in iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Amazon Music, with listeners worldwide.
As the co-host of The Thriving Dentist Show with Gary Takacs and as a co-owner of a dental practice, Gary has first-hand experience transforming from high-volume/low fee insurance dependency to a fee-for-service model. Gary Takacs guides you to have personal, professional, and financial satisfaction with his MBA workshop and Masterclass course.

What Thriving Dentist can do for you

Thriving Dentist Paid Events

Thriving Dentist Masterclass

The Thriving Dentist Masterclasses are 3-hour workshops where Gary will be speaking on a specific topic. Gary introduced the Masterclass to go on a deeper dive on a topic and explain the grassroots of a topic. Furthermore, to explain the core importance of why it’s essential in a Dental Practice. With 3 hours of content, you also receive 3 hours of CE accredited by the AGD. Lastly, during the Masterclass, Gary will share tailor-made coaching tips on creating a thriving and profitable practice.

Check out the upcoming Thriving Dentist Masterclass here:

Thriving Dentist MBA Workshops!

A workshop developed by Gary to preach the 10 key elements and the 24 business systems that make up the blueprint of a successful thriving practice. The workshop is presented in both in-person and virtual formats. The ultimate objective of the workshop is to provide dental practice owners, dentists, team members the tools, systems &resources to build towards a thriving & profitable dental practice.

This course explores ten specific core areas that can be attributed to the established success as observed of top dental practices in the US today and progress made by Gary Takacs’ ventures in his 40+ years of dental practice management & coaching.

Gary ventures into what works best by implementing, testing, & growing his practice as he built it up to one of today’s leading dental practices.

The most common format with current prevailing conditions of the workshop is the Thriving Dentist 3-Night MBA Workshop. In this format, the workshop is broken down to 3 hours each for three days continuously to make it convenient and flexible for the attendees to attend. In addition, the virtual format allows attendees to benefit from this course in the comfort of their office or home. While learning all systems and elements, all attendees are accredited with 9 Hours of CE accredited by the AGD.

Don’t forget to reserve a spot for Gary’s demanding workshop here:

Thriving Dentist Personalized Coaching

Do you want to create a thriving and profitable practice that enables you to love life, love dentistry, and love the people around you?

Here’s your chance to become part of Gary’s Thriving Dentist Personalized Virtual Coaching & Practice Support System!

In his journey as a practice owner and a dental management coach who has helped over 2200 practices, Gary learned two critical things.

  1. You can’t develop a thriving & profitable dental practice if you are DEPENDENT on insurance.
  2. Insurance-driven patients are less likely to consider ideal dentistry, putting their oral health at risk!

Since then, he has made it his life’s work to help dentists achieve a thriving & profitable practice like they deserve to!

When you join him, you will receive many benefits, such as,

One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Gary Takacs, personalized Coaching & Practice Management Support throughout the year, access to the 24 Business Systems and the Ten Elements of a Thriving Dental Practice, and so much more!

Learn more about what the coaching program can do for you here: 

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