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May 24th of 2022


Communication made easy! Mango Voice is a telecommunication company that started over 14 years ago. They provide communication solutions that are flexible, easy, convenient, affordable, and reliable.

Mango Voice is an excellent addition to your profitable and productive team! Mango is a pretty sweet way to integrate with top Patient Engagement Services and U.S.-based customer support, the leader in enterprise VoIP business phone systems and communication software management.


  • Per call, you’ll save an average of 4 minutes!
    With a seamless screen pop integration, you can give your workers the information they need right when they answer the phone. View customer balances, payment history, appointments, and other information quickly and easily.
  • Live-to-call analytics
    Get a clearer view of what’s going on in your workplace! Analytics determine how well your communications with patients, customers, clients, and your office team members are performing. For example, Mango Voice delivers thorough stats that show the number of calls you make and receive daily and hourly. This can be useful in various situations, such as determining how well a marketing source or office agent operates over the phone.
  • Click-to-Call
    Your time is valuable to you as a business owner. Using our simple click-to-call tool, which allows you to click a number inside a CRM or other database to begin a call through a webphone or desk phone, you can simplify and increase office efficiency. This eliminates the need to manually dial a phone number, enhancing the efficiency of outbound calls.

What is unique about them?

  • No intimidating equipment.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Ground-breaking integrations.
  • Seamless features.
  • Unbeatable U.S-based customer service.



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