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Mango Voice

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December 16th 2021

About Mango Voice

Mango Voice is a modern phone system that can simplify and enhance your communications while helping you save time and money. Cloud-based Mango Voice is a reliable, automated phone system that is uniquely designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern workplace. This advanced enterprise VoIP system can streamline and integrate communication systems such as voice, text, fax, and more. As the modern working landscape has become increasingly digital and has adapted to accommodate remote work, our communication systems have also become progressively more complex. For dental practices and other workplaces, appointment scheduling and communication with patients and clients has moved from traditional landlines to smartphones, text messaging systems, and web-based communication systems. With Mango, you can now integrate all these communication systems into one system that can be managed with ease.

What Mango Can Do for You

Patient experience begins with the first call. With numerous advanced features, Mango can provide an exceptional patient experience from the very first call while also maximizing workplace efficiency. From smart call routing to screen pops that provide immediate access to patient information, Mango is the ideal phone system for the modern dental practice.

In addition to providing clear and reliable HD phone service at the office or on the go with unlimited minutes, we can also ensure that you have call recording options and access to other advanced options on our mobile or desktop apps.

Manage communications with patients from a smartphone or computer with advanced options including:

  • Auto reply text message options when you are on a call
  • Receive automated SMS notifications of missed calls
  • Send SMS messages from your office number from a computer
  • Make calls from your office number on a smartphone or computer
  • Receive email alerts about voicemail and faxes
  • Transform any computer into your office phone

Mango is an ideal asset for modern dental practices as it can be integrated with over 10 of the top patient engagement services to improve call efficiency. Calls can be enhanced by integrating Mango Voice with patient engagement services in many ways.

Click to Call

Save time looking up and dialing numbers with our click to call feature which allows you to make a call from your office number faster from a web phone or desktop by simply clicking on a number in a database.

Screen Pops

This feature will revolutionize your calls and can save an average of 4 minutes on every call by automatically pulling up information relevant to the call. Immediately view patient details, appointments, payment history, and more as soon as you answer a call, and add a call summary after ending the call.

Live Call Analytics

Create and view reports on call information such as the number of calls made and answered to review and improve efficiency and performance.

Secure eFAX

Send secure faxes directly from your email and view faxes through email. All faxes go through a secure Mango server so you can safely send and view faxes in your emails.

In addition to all of these features, Mango Voice offers further benefits including:

  •   Pre-programmed phones
  •   Call forwarding
  •   Unlimited lines
  •   Game-changing drag and drop call flow manager
  •   Voicemail to email
  •   Unlimited greetings
  •   Automated schedules
  •   Auto attendant
  •   And much more

Get Mango Voice Deals

Mango Voice is a highly adaptable system that can be tailored to suit your practice’s unique requirements. Our advanced features are designed to improve efficiency in communications while also providing a refreshing patient experience to improve retention rates. We believe Mango is the ideal communication system for the modern dental practice, so we encourage you to contact us to learn about the unique deals we offer our dental clients.

Contact Mango today to revolutionize your practice’s communication systems by calling (888) 541-1397 or visit to learn more. Use the Code 1234.

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