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KettenBach Dental

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April 07th 2022

About KettenBach Dental

Kettenbach is an internationally positioned and well-established company that has attracted attention in the dental sector for decades thanks to its inventions and product innovations. As a result, the foundations for efficient processes and successful treatment in dental practices have been established in dental impressions and restoration segments. We could say it is “Simply Intelligent!”

Kettenbach has market‐leading products such as Panasil® and Futar®, supplemented by the in‐house development of innovative materials such as Identium®, have long simplified the day‐to‐day work of dentists. In addition, product innovations in restorations have also been added: for temporary and permanent restorations, the Visalys® product line is synonymous with quality at the highest level.

Their Philosophy 

They are never satisfied until their customers are satisfied with them.

At Kettenbach, they are dedicated to accomplishing the extraordinary. They have only one goal in mind: to develop excellent products for our customers. And this philosophy endures, as is demonstrated by the most recent generation of the owner’s family. 

Their continuity will ensure that they can consistently fulfill the high expectations of their customers. Their Company depends on the individual members of their staff and the knowledge and effectiveness of their carefully selected management team. Our business divisions are united by a strong motivation to develop outstanding quality products for our customers.

Their certification 

At Kettenbach, total quality management is not a marketing catchphrase but our everyday practice. Consistent high production quality is monitored and ensured by in-house quality control.

Their in-house R&D Department consistently promotes the continuous optimization of the product portfolio. 

Production takes place in-house facilities, also at the German location: They live the maxim “Made in Germany.” They also enjoy the highest levels of international acclaim, a level at which their products have been tested and proven. In addition, the US health authority, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), recently completed a detailed inspection of their products.

What can KettenBach Dental do for you?

Kettenbach Dental consists of various products, from impression material to restoration.

Under the category of Impression material, they have:

  • Panasil 
  • Indentium 
  • Futar
  • Silginat

Under the category of Restorations, they have:

  • Visalys Temp
  • Visalys Core
  • Visalys CemCore 

They also have other product to:

  • Mucopren soft
  • Airway Metrics 
  • Accessories 
  • PPE-Simpa


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