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Freedom Technology Group

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March 31st of 2022

About Freedom Technology Group (FTG)

Freedom Technology group supplies medical equipment in the US. FTG was started with one goal: to perfect intraoral radiography for dentists, veterinarians, and patients.

They have proudly introduced a brand new product in the dental industry, known as the DC-Air™.DC-Air™ has been designed, developed, and produced by Athlos Oy, based in Finland. It is a modern wireless, direct-conversion intraoral X-ray sensor. Aiming to provide an optimized imaging experience for patients and clinicians alike.

Other products they offer are The DC-Air™ Sensor, DC-Air™ Holders, and DC-Air™ Docking Station.

Benefits of the products

  • Saves you from the misery of messy cables
    Since this device is wireless, it saves you from messy, unreliable cables and is prone to wear and tear.
  • Good quality images
    Compared to other digital x-ray sensors that deliver fuzzy, noisy, hard-to-read digital images, DC-Air™ accounts for the amount of detail and contrast over a range of spatial frequencies. This helps it achieve a superior MTF value over the full range of diagnostic spatial frequencies for a distinctly brilliant image.
  • Improved comfort
    DC-Air™ with DC-Air™’s holder makes positioning easy for staff and significantly improves patient comfort. Patent-pending Zero Profile holders fit securely to the back of the intraoral sensor to minimize the device’s profile in the mouth for a more tolerable imaging experience with more petite gagging.


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