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Ekwa Marketing

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September 1st 2021

About Ekwa Marketing

Ekwa Marketing appreciates that you are exceptional at what you do, supporting patients’ oral health and smiles. You deserve to be able to focus on what you “went to school for” and have honed as your areas of expertise and niches. Yet, as a clinician doubling as a business/practice owner, you are pulled down in so many different directions. You are stretched beyond the care and guidance that you provide to your patients. No one expects you to be a marketing, branding, and communications expert – alongside an HR or talent guru or a payroll and financial services prodigy. Yet, here you are, trying to juggle all of these functions, which means less time for what you truly love to do and know best: dentistry!

What Ekwa Marketing can do for you

Well, they have just added considerably more hours to your day! Ekwa Marketing is your marketing expert. When you partner with them for all of your branding and communications needs, you are getting a dedicated global team of more than 180 seasoned and skilled professionals. You are also getting a proven track record of excellence in building practice owners’ authority, profitability, brand recognition, and efficiency over the past 13-plus years.

Ekwa Marketing is led by a thought leader and pioneer in medical marketing, Naren Arulrajah. He and his team understand that marketing for medical professionals is a different game than marketing for other types of businesses. So, they make sure to not just throw a bunch of cookie-cutter solutions that work for other industries and fields, cross our fingers, and hope that something sticks. They surely know what works and what doesn’t work so well. Additionally, they incorporate experientially-based strategies and concepts that are proven to work. Just as you’ve “vetted” the safety and efficacy of products, techniques, and technologies, so Ekwa Marketing scrutinized the tactics used to build and enhance your digital and offline brand identity.

Here are some of our services:

  1. Design, build and manage your website.
  2. Dominate local search engine rankings.
  3. Increase targeted traffic to your website.
  4. Create a thriving social media network for your practice.
  5. Expand patient reach through innovative mobile marketing.
  6. Build a robust online reputation and generate authentic patient reviews.
  7. Provide cutting-edge podcast, infographic, and video marketing solutions.
  8. Set up professional call tracking and ROI analysis.
  9. Develop custom mobile apps.
  10. Strategize paid advertising on Google and Facebook.
  11. Provide search and social analytics support.

The Ekwa difference

While, in some respects, they have marketing “down to a science,” Their services are never formulaic and impersonal. Ekwa Marketing do their due diligence to ensure that the heart and soul of your team and practice are conveyed accurately and authentically. You are one of a kind. So, how you define yourself online and offline and carve out a competitive edge is unique and specific to your organization. It also involves determining “the competition” and getting into those competitors’ heads. Their dentist and dental team partners have dominated the Internet, social media, mobile, and local search engine “spaces” — outclassing their competitors for over a decade.

Ekwa Marketing professionals each have their own areas of expertise to bring to the table to increase traffic to your “online home” (your website), to rocket to the top of search engine rankings, and to create thriving “brand advocates” on smartly selected and strategically-leveraged social platforms. They are not afraid to innovate the latest outreach on mobile or the most robust and authentic patient review generation tools. Likewise, their creative content, graphics, software, and SEO leaders craft and deliver professional podcasts, infographics, videos, call tracking, custom mobile apps, analytics, and paid advertising that is suited to you, your needs, goals, and the markets and communities that you serve. Ekwa Marketing account for it all!

Get the Ekwa Advantage

Since each relationship is unique, we encourage you to contact them. Ekwa Marketing will delve into your organization to determine the best tools and tactics to grow your presence and bring more quality patients to your doors.

Seize the benefits of delegating to the global leaders in medical marketing at Ekwa. We have tens of thousands of happy reviews to prove the transformative effect that our partnership has on the quality of life of the professionals we serve and the sustainability and profitability of their practices. They are very excited to earn your trust and build your business. Contact them today at 855-345-0593.

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