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Wally will connect you with uninsured patients. Marketing and Patient Acquisition

There is no signup fee or recurring fee to partner with Wally. We only ask you to provide our patients with a % off your private fees.Deals For Dentists and get early access to our patients in your area.  

Wally is an insurance alternative attracting high quality, fee for service patients. Health is on a mission to help you break away from insurance and practice the dentistry you want. We think dental coverage should be smart and simple so you don’t have to worry about things like declining reimbursement rates and administrative complexities.

Our simple portal makes it easy to submit and get paid, all without having to deal with paperwork, credit cards, or billing departments. You simply put in your fee and Wally takes care of the rest and deposits the money in your account. 
We are live in 40 states and looking to partner with the best dentists so we can send our patients their way.

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