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Verena Solutions: Advanced needle system. Buy 1 package, Get 1 package free — 30S and 27L Equipment and Supplies

Verena Solutions is a safety and efficiency platform created by dentists and engineers to revolutionize the dental field through an array of hardware, products, and services that advance the delivery of care.

SimpleCAP is our flagship product and the most advanced needle system created. Ielevates the patient experience by minimizing the pain and anxiety associated with injections while ensuring protection and efficiency from assembly to disposal. Unlike traditional needles, the SimpleCAP needle is an end-to-end solution that promotes safety during assembly, usage, recapping, disassembly, and disposal. And a whole lot more:

  • Utilizes a unique, self-contained protective sheath
  • Reduces the risk of needlestick injuries
  • Meets OSHA standards for engineering controls
  • Makes staff and patients more comfortable around needles

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