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TRC Cream – The New Alternative for Myofacial & TMJ Discomfort for Patients Equipment and Supplies

Purchase 2 or more kits and receive $30 off each kit.

After 18 months of extremely positive patient trials and feedback, we are pleased to announce the arrival of TRC in the dental market.  TRC (Transdermal Relief Cream) provides quick, temporary relief of TMJ and overall head and neck discomfort.  TRC is 2.5% (750mg) of medical-grade CBD that reduces the need for patients to rely on daily analgesics for a variety of head and neck issues.

TRC is only available for patients at their dental or medical offices.  We only sell to clinicians. Patients will have the opportunity to find a doctor in their area through our doctor locator feature on our website.

Please check out our testimonials for dentists and actual patients.


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