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The Art of the Sale Webinar and Tau Dental Consulting Advisors and Consultants, Continuing Education, Marketing and Patient Acquisition

50% off discount off the Art of the Sale Webinar and $500 Off a marketing consulting package

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The Art of the Sale Webinar: Do you struggle with case acceptance, treatment presentation and find that your patients leave and say they will think about it rather than saying yes.  

If that is the case you need to take the Art of the Sale Live Webinar This 3 1/2 hour course with Dr. Len Tau will teach you not only how to present treatment but how to discuss financials with the patient, the proper verbiage to use, how to listen better, and will review the various 3rd party finance companies available to see a significant increase in your case acceptance.

Other topics include bold language modifications, how to handle patient objections, and some of the tools he uses when presenting treatment to his patients.  

Dr. Len Tau has been presenting his own treatment and dealing with the tricky financial questions for the past 13 years in his own FFS practice in NE Philadelphia with 85% case acceptance.  See why he is so successful During this webinar.  

Tau Dental Consulting: Do you want to take your online marketing to the next level, do you spend a lot of money per month on marketing but seem limited return on investment, are your new patient numbers not increasing each month, does your website or SEO need improvement. If any of these questions are yes then you need my help.

Tau Dental Consulting creates strategic marketing plans for dentists and helps them take their marketing from ordinary to extraordinary.  We maximize the budget they have and spend it in places that actually generate a significant ROI.  

We work with some of the best companies in the industry to ensure that you see significant results.  

I am offering $500 off any of the consulting packages to anyone who wants helps with their online marketing

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