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SAVE 20% Our Quality Speaks For Itself, Best Prices, Large Selection of Products, Try For Yourself & Save Money $$ Equipment and Supplies

#1 Rated Crosstech Diamond Bur, All Shapes & Grits 1 Price Including Specialty Shapes, We are Much More than just a Bur Company


We offer an unbeatable combination of high quality and low price!

DENTALREE was founded in 2006, and since then we have served tens of thousands of customers in the US, Canada, and Worldwide. DENTALREE is an initial importer and distributor of quality dental products made in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and Eastern Europe. We are the Exclusive distributor of Crosstech Diamonds in North America and also for many of the products that we carry for North America. Our corporate headquarters and distribution center are based in Las Vegas, NV.

We have spent years improving the efficiency and cost control of our operations in order to pass savings on to you, our valued customers.  We support our customers’ business success not only by offering products with excellent quality at low prices, but also focus to excel at our customer service. We have and will continue to introduce new and innovative products for the dental industry.


We focus on quality and have carefully selected an array of products with excellent quality from all over the world. 

Dentalree is the exclusive distributor in North America for Crosstech Diamond burs, all Crosstech diamond burs are manufactured using a Swiss patented multi-coating technique to provide cutting efficiency with durability and less clogging. We have three lines of diamond burs to meet all you need: 1) Crosstech Premium Multi-Use diamond burs that are rated #1 by an U.S. independent, non-profit, dental education, and product testing foundation. There are around 1500 different shapes and grits avaible and Crosstech is the only manufacturer in the industry to offer one low price for all of them. 2) 1diamonds, our Single Patient Use Diamond burs, that are individually packaged, and Gamma-Sterilized. They are multi-use diamond quality and come in 200 different shapes and grits at one low price. 3) ValuDiamond – Economic Multi-Use Diamonds; our lowest priced diamond, but with excellent multi-use quality at an excellent value. All our diamonds are manufactured with a high-quality stainless-steel shank.

CYCLONE Zirconia Diamond Remover – The newest, most innovative, and next generation diamond crown remover for Zirconium, E-Max, and all Porcelain Crowns. It is designed with the latest coating technology – ‘Cyclone Vacuum’ which dramatically improves cutting efficiency and durability, along with less heat generation and lower vibration during use.

Dentalree offers two brands of carbide burs. One line is made in Canada, and is one of the most popular carbide burs in the world, with very affordable prices. Another line is US made Solid Carbide, 1-piece construction; that will eliminate joint breakage.

Dentalree offers two to three brand lines for each product or category of Dental Rotary Instruments for clinic and dental laboratories. Such as diamonds, stones, diamond polisher, diamond disks, carbide cutters and so on. For example, for our polishers, the premium line is made in Germany, by one of the best quality manufactures on the market; the economic line is made in Eastern Europe, very good quality but, at more affordable prices.

In the recent years, Dentalree has put a huge effort to promote Digital Dentistry for the dental industry at the affordable prices. We offered the following special products and methods:

  • Next Digital VPS – Dentalree is the exclusive distributor of Next Digital VPS which is European made, patented, high-quality, scannable impression material. It has virtually no shrinkage and extremely accurate, also it has proven to be extremely rigid and hydrophilic, displacing blood and soft tissue. The extreme rigidity of Next Digital VPS locks in scan-bodies and implant abutments, virtually eliminating try-ins and jigs. Unlike most VPS material used in the U.S., Next Digital VPS is Vacuum-packed— this eliminates air bubbles, which are a leading cause of inaccurate impressions.
  • KNOCKOUT Tray – Patent Pending 62941000. Amazing, newly engineered Open Implant Tray, that was designed and is produced exclusively by Dentalree. Which Revolutionizes Implant Impressions, is stiff and transparent, with easy knockout segments using a mirror handle. With no need for custom trays, grinding out holes for implants or jigs.
  • Shining 3D Desktop Scanner – AutoScan-DS-EX PRO is distributed by Dentalree. The Shining Scanner has a small Investment with NO Annual Fees and it makes excellent scans of Next Digital VPS. It creates open STL files, works perfectly with Exocad software. It fits into the digital workflow perfectly.
  • The Next VPS Patented Method for Crowns, Bridges & Veneers – NEVER use cords, retraction or hemostasis again. Perfect subgingival impressions in wet or bloody fields. It is Chemical-Free, Cord-Free and Bio-comparable fluid-displacement system. Exclusive to Dentalree.
  • Dentalree partners with dental laboratories to create a program for all our dentists; Which will provide high quality and fully scannable Next Digital Impression materials Free to dentists with a commitment from them for crowns or implants, using the Next Digital VPS impression material.

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