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Save $100 on Visalys® CemCore: Build Your Own Bundle! Equipment and Supplies

Save $100 on Visalys® CemCore: Choose your shade, build your own bundle, and experience why doctors (and restorations) bond #permanently with Kettenbach Dental’s all-in-one adhesive cement and core build-up.*

 *Must purchase 1 of each item for special pricing [$100 Visalys® CemCore Normal Pack (Any Shade) + $25 Tooth Primer + $25 Restorative Primer]. Limit 1 per purchasing office. Cannot be combined with other offers. US market only. Expires: Oct 31, 2022. [Enter Code “BYO-VCC-2210” at Checkout]

Redeem this offer and shop many more #simplyintelligent products— visit our webshop or call us to order by phone.

| (877) 532-2123

Suitable for ALL indirect restorations with ALL dental substrates, VISALYS® CemCore is our innovative and consistently reliable adhesive cementation and core build-up material in one (without the need for matrices).

Despite the hydrophobicity required for a core build-up material, unique ??????-???????-?????????? (???) means its integrated phase-transfer catalyst will ensure a permanently strong adhesive bond on every procedure. Dual-curing qualities make it reliable, even in sites with no light access.

Also featuring: Epic #easypeel for excess cement + Selection of 5 beautiful shades available — Universal (A2/A3), Opaque, Translucent, Bleach, and Dark (A4).


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