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The ultimate restorative implant combo to complete your armamentarium.

Our kit comes with:

Right-Angle Driver (includes a second driver head)
Universal Prosthetic Kit
This kit was created for Doctors that are serious about restoring implants while providing comfort and incredible services to their patients.

Our kit is compatible with most major implant manufacturers and less known one from all around the world. You will find a compatibility chart with several hundred implant systems compatible with our kit by just scanning the QR code printed on the box. To simplify things even more, each color matches the original manufacturer color schemes and logo. The mandrel tips are inter-changeable between the hand-held adapter, the torque ratchet, and the Right-Angle Driver.

You will love the organization of this new implant armamentarium, which is a perfect combination of the tools necessary to take great care of your patients while enjoying the process.

Catalog price USD1,350 / Package price USD1,200 / Deals for Dentists price (with promo code DFD) USD1,140.


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