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$300 Off the Practice Purchase Blueprint Continuing Education

This course sells for $997 online. Enter the code “DEALS” and you’ll get 30% of the sticker price and save $300!

Learn everything you need to know to buy the best dental practice for you. On-demand, and cheaper than one-on-one coaching! 

  • 8 Modules
  • 13.3 Hours of Content
  • 14 Tools You Keep Forever
  • All On-Demand, Available Anytime

The stakes for buying the right practice are high! What would your career look like if you bought the right practice, at the right time, for the right price? You’ll learn: 

  • How to Be SURE You’re Ready to Own a Practice 
  • Exactly what to do about student loans RIGHT NOW
  • The best steps to take after dental school to move into practice ownership as fast as possible
  • The 2 best methods dentists use to FIND the best practices for sale
  • How to select your team and how much you’ll pay them
  • How to read financial statements and tax returns well enough to understand another dentist’s practice
  • How to analyze a practice for sale (with 3 in-depth examples!)
  • How to value a practice for sale
  • How to calculate how much money you’ll make buying a practice
  • How and when to submit an LOI and EXACTLY what you can and should negotiate
  • How to ensure you get the best practice loan and how to negotiate with the banks
  • An overview of the entire practice purchase process end-to-end
  • The must-know basics of the legal documents and what to watch for
  • Exactly what your attorney will do for you and when
  • How to complete the practice due diligence
  • What to do once the LOI is signed and the 5 things that MUST be done before you close
  • On top of all that you’ll learn you get the following tools: 
  • Real examples of broker valuations & how I analyzed them
  • The actual worksheet & online tools other dentists use to find the best practices for sale
  • Mailer templates to use to find practices
  • The Practice Purchase Blueprint Analysis Tool™ spreadsheet to analyze & value practices with detailed instructions
  • An LOI Template to submit your offer with instructions on how to use it
  • Examples of letters to patients that actually work
  • And it goes without saying that all of this is provided with: 
  • On-demand access 24/7 from any device you own
  • Lifetime access to the material
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee!

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