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Cobalt Analytics: Get 10% off Our Insurance Profitability Analysis and Negotiation Services” Advisors and Consultants

Decrease Write-offs, Increase Reimbursement, More Profit, Determine the Right Contracts to Add or Terminate, More Control, and Less Stress.

Cobalt Analytics and Profitability Solutions brings together a patented software system and dental insurance contract knowledge to form the most thorough and transparent PPO Insurance/FFS mix analysis in the industry based on the net profit of each fee schedule.   This heightened level of detail enables dentists/practice owners to understand exactly how their insurance contracts are affecting the net profitability of their practices as well as provides the basis for Cobalt Analytics to recommend and help implement the right solutions for each unique practice to increase their net profit.  By basing everything on net profitability we can show a true ROI of investing in our knowledge and expertise. 

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