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Allison Girone

Kleer Membership Plan – 10% Off Membership Subscription Fees! Software and Web design

Kleer is an advanced, cloud-based platform that enables you to easily design and manage your own membership plan. With Kleer, your patients pay a monthly or annual subscription directly to you, not a 3rd party insurer or discount plan, in return for preventive care and discounts off all other treatment.

Membership plans are a great option for your uninsured patients, retiring patients that are losing dental benefits and dormant patients that avoid visits due to cost or lack of coverage.

Join the 5,000 dentists nationwide who have used Kleer to:

·         Drive 2-3X more uninsured patient visits and double production

·         Create an automatic, recurring revenue stream

·         Gain control and break free from dental insurers

Kleer’s dedicated team of support specialists will help guide your team every step of the way from onboarding to developing strategies for long-term growth. Implementation is fast and FREE, so why wait?

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