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Added By Sofia Simoes

I-MAX 3D, the cone beam by Owandy Radiolgy, now with a 5-year warranty for FREE! Equipment and Supplies

I-Max 3D is the lightest, smallest and most affordable 3-D panoramic system

  • Exceptional image quality
  • Wall-mounted 3D unit
  • Equiped with Multiple FOV’s : 12×10 cm, 9x9cm, 9×5 cm, 5x5cm
  • 12 different programs in 2D mode, including bitewings & TMJ,
  • CAD/CAM Ready: equipped with QuickVision 3-D software, can share .STL files and create implant surgical guides.


Save 5,000 USD with the free 12×10 cm FOV and a 5 year warranty!


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