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Golden Goose Scheduling Software and Web design

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If you are like other dentists, you understand New Patients are vital to your practice growth. Do you know that the average staff’s ability to convert a new patient call into a new patient appointment is a low 34% nationwide? And do you know…It’s not their fault? Staff is dealing with many other tasks in your practice that take away from that “first impression” on the phone. Call Centers and Answering Services don’t work, they know nothing about you or your practice. How can they instill liking and trust if you are just a number?

In steps Dr. Phelps’ Golden Goose Scheduling Service, a model designed to be “an extension of your team”. Our New Patient conversion rate is 90% plus every month and we customize based on your new patient protocols, just like your staff. Our agents are trained in Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion as taught by Dr. Christopher Phelps, the only dentist in the world certified to do so. 

Never a contract, never a regret……just happy clients and patients.

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