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Get an additional 6 months of follow-up support with every custom student loan plan Advisors and Consultants

Who is Student Loan Planner?

We are the country’s top experts in figuring out exactly what to do with monster student loan debt. If you owe $20,000 to $1 million in student loans, we can help. We’ve consulted on $1.1 billion in student debt, and we’ve found $203 million in projected student loan savings for the professionals we’ve worked with.

How Student Loan Planner Can Help You

The student loan system in America is extremely complicated compared to what it should be. Because of this complexity, our student loan consultants have found over 90% of our clients five or six figures in projected savings over the life of their loans.

We analyze your loans and create a custom student loan plan made just for you that details the path to debt freedom.

If you owe more than double your income, might be using the Public Service Loan Forgiveness plan, or are unsure if refinancing or forgiveness is the right path for you, a custom consult from Student Loan Planner is for you.

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