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Leaders Real Estate is a Commercial Real Estate brokerage.  We’ve noticed the lack of support businesses have in identifying the right location for their business.  We’ve developed tools that can help in providing the numbers behind the “feeling.”

Have you ever known a business owner who found his site based on a hunch?  Sometimes businesses can push through or get lucky, but we believe in locating the WHERE (location) before the WHAT (building).  We do this using a host of tools to visualize and map areas based on how they score for the dental industry.  Perhaps there needs to be a higher concentration of homeowners.  We can help you find the highest concentrations of daytime population, that are most likely to patronize your location.

After we’ve identified the site, we can use our experience in negotiating 100s of transactions across the country to show you the key points to look for and the common pitfalls to avoid in a lease or purchase agreement.

Although we’re located and service clients in Central Florida, we offer services nationally, making it easy to expand across state lines and maintain a single point of contact for all real estate needs.

In everything, we set out to provide the best client service quality possible.  We offer complimentary mapping and analysis services to our clients, upfront, as a goodwill gesture, to establish a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.

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