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Discounted Demographic and Competition Analysis Advisors and Consultants

At Practice Real Estate Group, our agents, advisors, and in house research team find great locations for our clients.  We believe finding a competitive location for your practice is equal parts art and science. As part of our brokerage services, our clients get access to the most detailed demographics and competition reports in the industry, but for Deals for Dentists we are offering our cutting edge reports outside of our real estate expertise for the first time.

Your custom, data based Demographics Analysis Report will include:

Area Income Demographics
Location Analysis
Area Population Demographics
Competition Analysis
Traffic Count Maps, and
Dentist to Population Ratio by Zip Code

In addition, you’ll receive an Area Income Demographics report.  These numbers are an indicator of what kind of market you’re entering. For example, if you’re hoping to serve Medicaid clients, you’ll want to seek out lower income areas than if you specialize in cosmetic dentistry or plastic surgery.

Area income targets are just that – targets or estimates – but overall, they can accurately predict client behavior.

Finally, this deal includes a custom Competition Analysis.  You’ll receive maps with one, three, and five mile radii also, but this time showing where similar practices are located in relation to a site of interest. Dots on this map will distinguish types of practices that may compete with yours. In addition, the section lists the exact practices that correspond to those dots on the map with their business names, addresses, and distance from the site.

Learn how Demographic Data and Competitive Research can impact your success.  Contact us today.


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