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Sleep Balance Academy Equipment and Supplies

“Dedicated to solving the crisis of undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea by balancing and improving the traditional quality of care standard with a well-trained team of allied health professionals.”

In a nutshell – we go around the road blocks of centralized medicine if it is necessary for any situation.

We advocate working closely with your local medical community collaborating with them for the proper treatment of patients with sleep disorders. However, we do not believe you must make yourself dependent on that to build your sleep practice. Below are some of the ways we do that.

We do believe adopting these methods are be a way to actually bring more care to your local medical community and build that relationship by your referring more patients to them and bringing them more screened patients authenticating their need for medical care.

We do online home sleep testing direct to the consumer. No authorization is needed by insurance carriers, state boards, medical community, or statutory laws. There is no prohibition for a patient to buy their own sleep test. And it is nearly always far less expensive to the patient than using their insurance. Once the testing is done, the medical insurance support for treatment fees come into play. We can show you how to do free HST testing in your office to accelerate finding those needing care.

We offer HST interpretation services by a Medical sleep specialist licensed in all 50 states who will provide diagnoses, prescriptions and letters of medical necessity .

We offer marketing solutions that will be done through Side Sleep Solutions wearables snoring campaigns that you can use the profits from to offset your marketing for sleep patients. This inexpensive non invasive snoring solution will bring you profit sharing revenue to fund your marketing for patients. No program exists like this anywhere. You will NOT be dependent on Medical referrals to find patients.

We offer a side sleep position trainer wearables and sleep position monitor device that will enhance many of your Mandibular advancement therapies and treatment for GERD for even better treatment results. The device is only $59.99 to the patient and has volume discounts for the doctors who wish to carry them in office and is called SNOOOR. This wearable will not only help your patient’s sleep hygiene care but also bring you additional income in the office. This wearable device can be programmed with a free app called SNOOOR in both android and iPhone stores that can be downloaded to the patient’s smart phone and can be uploaded to your computer. The device can be programmed to train a person to sleep on any side you prefer. It can also be programmed to not vibrate to train a sleep position and instead merely monitor your sleep position all night long. The data is then blue tooth transferred to you phone app and then transferred to the doctor. This way you can see if sleeping on the side will help with sleep disorders or snoring and help with oral sleep appliance titrations. This device is a key to sleep practice marketing.

In addition to HSTs and SNOOOR we have FDA approved pulse oximeters that patient can wear for many days and are FDA approved for titration and are being used for COVID-19 screening tests. You can use these over and over for many patient or you can dispense and sell them to those who wish to continue monitoring their results of treatment. These patients can text or email those results to you for convenient monitoring of your treatment results.

We provide you with cross referral training and forms to use Chiropractors, wellness centers and other alternative health care facilities for a whole new population of patient sleep screening referral sources and help. These sources of patients have not been tapped and are a huge potential of practice building.

We provide you with web site modification or development that is tailor made for the social media marketing you will want to use.

We provide HST testing equipment inexpensively to buy or use in your office if you want them and train you how to use them for titration for patient treatment effectiveness. If you prefer, you can just have your patient order these tests themselves on our website.

We show you how to benefit from DOT mandated sleep studies and care in your area with truck drivers and other drivers covered by DOT. We can assure their results are not recorded in any medical record, insurance record or anywhere else, if they wish to keep that private.

We show you how to use screening forms for children and adults that simplify enrollment and diagnosis and medical billing.

We show you how to bill medically through training of your staff if you want that. We have ready made forms for physical evaluations and super bills that have the medical codes on them.

We have Myofunctional therapists that can treat your patients via Telemedicine to open airways and help children grown up healthier.

We offer in-office sleep practice training by an organization that will come to your office if you want that.

We can show you how to offer CPAPS in your office with no inventory which can assure you do not lose a referral to an MD for testing or prescriptions because they want the patient to use a CPAP instead of an oral appliance. We take away the MD’s excuse to not refer the patient back to you.

Because we can offer CPAP, we also can show you how to offer combination therapies with EPAP devices and TAP PAP systems to enhance your out comes.

We have marketing posters and postcards you can customize and download.

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