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The Flight DefendME 2. Get 20% discount on your purchase. Equipment and Supplies

Flight DefendMe 2 Extraoral Aerosol Evacuator is a state of the art chairside evacuation unit with a 4 stage HEPA filtration system that can filter 99.97% of viruses and bacteria.Use PROMO CODE: SAVE20.

In addition, the DefendMe 2 incorporates a high powered UVC light to provide additional protection in your clinic. Studies have shown that a high-grade MERV17/H13 HEPA Filter together with UVC light provides the optimal air filtration and purification system needed for any clinical room. This system has 250CFM suction power at a quiet noise level of 59db, in addition to a compact and movable frame.

The 5 ft long hose provides the flexibility needed to position the hose and hood at any position to capture aerosols generated during a dental procedure. Contact your local authorized dealer for more details.

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