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Doctors Passive Income Guide by The Debt Free Doctor

This book is available for instant download at no charge.

In this book, you’ll learn the secrets that I’ve used to create passive income to stop trading time for money such as:

  • The #1 reason dentists need additional revenue streams
  • How to save tens of thousands of dollars on your tax bill (legally)
  • The biggest financial mistakes dentists make
  • How much money is “enough”
  • Why real estate?

This book is available for instant download at no charge.

Hi. My name is Dr. Jeff Anzalone and I’m a periodontist in Louisiana. A few short years ago I started to worry about my family’s financial future.

As a solo practitioner, if something happened to me, then no other income would be coming in.What if I became injured? ( I like to ski and play tennis!)What if I became disabled?What if burnout started to set in?

Not good.

These concerns made me take a hard look at our financial future and I realized that something needed to be done.


Most doctors have only ONE source of income, their earned income from working. Myself included….until a few short years ago.

Now I’ve learned how to build multiple streams of passive income so that slowly but surely I’m replacing my active income each year.

One day I looked up and realized that I was keeping all of this newfound information to myself whereas most of it had been given to me in some form or fashion.

This sparked me to start this blog to share the word to other doctors and high-income earners that you can truly stop trading time for money and start living your life on your own terms.

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