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Complimentary IT Audit for Dental Practice Owners Advisors and Consultants

Many Dental practices have been facing challenges with IT network performance, IT network security and HIPAA compliance, and IT network service.

Has your practice been experiencing any of the same challenges?  If so, what have you done to address them?

We recognize that you may already have a IT Management Provider working with you to address these challenges.   However, we have also found that many practice owners are not aware that the IT managed services they are receiving are not up to par and as a result have put these practices IT networks at risk for cyberattacks and unnecessary downtime that affects productivity in their offices.

This can lead to added hidden expenses that many IT service providers out there will not share with you that could significantly impact your bottom line.

If you have concerns about how your practice’s IT network is being managed OR would like to validate the work your current IT service provider offers, we offer an IT audit service that will allow provide you with piece of mind with regards to IT security and performance, even if you decide not to do business with us.

You can take advantage of our Complimentary IT Network Audit, ONLY FOR DEALSFORDENTISTS.COM visitors by clicking the “Get that Deal” link now.

Our conversation with you will take no longer than 15-20 minutes of your time and at the end of it, will provide you with our recommendations, if any, to improve your practice’s IT network, as well as piece of mind in how it is being managed.

Click the “Get that Deal” link now to schedule your complimentary IT Network Audit!

Thank you for your consideration.   We look forward to hearing from you and being of service to you and your practice.


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