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Cirrus Dental – The Best Membership Platform, Plus 3 Months FREE Software and Web design

Do decreasing or flat insurance reimbursements get you down? Cirrus Dental is the answer.

Cirrus Dental offers a modern, efficient and comprehensive platform to set up and run your in-office membership program.

Our platform simplifies setting up and running a membership program that is custom-designed for your practice and patients. You can be up and running quickly using our web-based tools. And if you have any questions, our Dental Membership Experts are standing by to help you create and run the best program for your practice.

When you use Cirrus Dental, most of the work of running a program is automated by our intelligent, proprietary platform.


Sign up five patients in the first month, and we’ll give you three months free.

Talk to a Dental Membership Expert today. Call us at 413-779-5700 or email

We’re excited to help you gain independence from insurers.

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