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Cash Flow Coach USA: Free Discovery Call. Improve cash flow WITHOUT working harder.

After 16 years in dentistry, Dr. Howard Polansky walked away as he learned the game of how to manage money better.  After buying a new home in 2017, he educated himself on a more efficient way to pay for bills, cars, houses, and future expenses. 

Using himself first as a guinea pig, he had a $24.19 house payment as proof #1.  Helping someone pay off their home in 8 months was proof #2.  Having another friend now have a house payment of $25 vs $2200 prior was proof #3. 

With these wins, Howard started Cash Flow Coach USA to educate, inspire, and help families be in a better place financially faster than they thought possible by managing expenses efficiently and dramatically improving their cash flow WITHOUT working harder. 

One can get a better idea by watching this 4 minute video: Overview of Cash Flow Coaching in Under 4 Minutes

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