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Camarlengo STORE Equipment and Supplies

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Camarlengo STORE

We continue to grow our STORE with High-Quality products from our multiple Prestigious Manufacturing Partners who trust our Quality Services and our Highest Standards in CE Courses to showcase their products.

We at CDI provide the Best Surgical Practices to guide our trainees to deliver predictable care to their patients.

Our STORE carries at a Discount Helmut Zepf German surgical instruments, AllerCyte Covid19 Antibody & Antigen Tests, Cortex Dental Implants, Noris Pterygoid & Zygo Implants, Citagenix Biomaterials, PPE, Meisinger Burs, W&H implant motors, and surgical handpieces, Alliant Healthcare’s New Adhesive Strapless N95 Face Mask, Ostell, Pro-Fix, the best CBCT’s from Cefla – NewTom and now also their ANTHOS dental operatory chairs.

To place your order and benefit from our special discounts please mention Deals for Dentists


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