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Buy 4+ Visalys® Temp. Get $90 off Each Box Equipment and Supplies

For the fabrication of brilliant temporary restorations: VISALYS® Temp

CODE: TY2255

Receive 55% off each box when you buy 4 or more!

  • Normal price = $200
  • After discount = $110
    • ($90 savings each box)

Limit 1 per purchasing office. Only applies to first-time Visalys® Temp orders. Expires: 31st December 2022

Visalys® Temp is a dream come true in the unpredictable life-cycle of temporary restorations.

–        Short-term or long-term temporary restorations

–        Minimal shrinkage, well-fitting and tension-free temps

–        Temporary crowns, partial crowns, long-span bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers

–        Extremely stable margins (won’t break off)

–        Fracture-resistant

–        High luster polishing even without pastes or varnish

–        Tooth-like translucence and opalescence (chameleon effect)

–        Free of bisphenol A = bonus for health and our environment


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