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Automate Your Own Dental Plan and receive $500 off Dental Menu Kickstart Software and Web design

Dental Menu is a complete platform that allows dental providers to offer subscription plans directly to their patients. You can easily create a ‘menu’ of services for your patients, empowering them to select and build a membership plan that suits them. What does that mean? A simple path to more patients on your plans!

How is Dental Menu Unique?

  • Empowers Patients to Create the Plan They Want with the Services They Decide
  • Ability to Sell Additional Services on Your Plans
  • White Label Implementation
  • Patient Rewards Program
  • Connects Plan Revenue to Services and Providers
  • Low Cost-Low Risk

Watch a short intro video HERE

Deals for Dentists Offer

Dental Menu’s Plan Design, Creation and Kickstart is normally $795.

It includes:

  • Plan Consultation with Dental Menu Specialist
  • Graphic Design and Printing of Plan Materials
  • Management Software Setup with Plan Details
  • Branded Landing Page with Videos and Online Sign-Up Capabilities
  • Software Training Session with Your Front Office

With Promo Code D4D4242 receive $500 towards your kickstart marketing package ($295 for Kickstart)


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