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Get free Website SEO done with our IT Support Plan*

Managed/Dental IT

If you select AGR for your IT Support, we will provide you free SEO with guaranteed results to get your website into top10 results for 10 keywords you select for your region

What is covered in AGR Dental 2021?

  • Managed IT for your dental practice (Min Setup requirements)***
  • Technology Reviews/Audits – HIPPA and PCI Compliance
  • Version upgrades to latest version/ support / troubleshoot / backup and maintenance.
  • Support with dental peripherals such as Intra-oral cameras and x-ray sensors.
  • Firewall, Network and Desktop computer support.
  • On-site & Remote Support (24/7 options)
  • Onsite and Off-site Backup Solutions
  • Improved Network Performance and Security
  • Non-stop Network Monitoring and Security
  • Managed Anti-Virus & Web Filtering

About AGR

Whether you use Dentrix, Easy Dental, EagleSoft, Practice Works , Ortho2, Doplhin or any other  software, we are Industry Experts who have helped leading Dentists in Massachusetts on Managing every aspect of these software and address the pain points in Performance/Installation Upgrade/Support/Troubleshooting/Overall Administration  and much more.

Established in the year 2006, AGR is a global team of IT Solution provider professionals with a combined world experience of more than 25 years in the field of Managed IT, IT Security, Networking, Infrastructure, Strategic IT Consulting, IT System Integration and other IT related services. 

Website Development

AGR’s design team is dedicated to building user centric websites, web applications, transaction platforms and mobile solutions that are powerful, flexible, scalable and open source.

If you are looking for a website that represents the essence of your company, draws traffic and leads to incremental sales then look no further since AGR design and development will deliver to your business needs. We can build or upgrade your web site with a new look that adheres to website best practices such as,

We can help you energize your website

  • Responsive Design
  • Content
  • Ability to reach you
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Call to actions
  • eCommerce (Shopify, WordPress, Opencart, Codeigniter)

Additionally, our development team can also integrate the website to existing systems for seamless operations such as,

  • Has effective marketing services
  • E-commerce enabled
  • Integrate with your customer, product or other systems for seamless
  • Tune your web site content for search engine optimization
  • Turnkey operations where` build, host and support your solutions

Our team of professionals will work with you to develop dynamic and secure websites that,

  • Reach their target market audience
  • Meet company goals
  • Enable your sales strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

AGR helps your website or webpage reach at the position that is desired by your company potentially for all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN while keeping in mind that 72% of all searches today happen on Google.

Based on your business objectives we can work with you to to Help you make your business name appears at top on first page or the first ranks which helps you to get get maximum number of visitors and increases business orders or revenue.


Paid search is also a very good option and we recommend that to your clients when we have become good at Local and Natural search. The main objective of PPC campaigns is to gain relevant visitors for your website, but in contrast to Local and Natural Search, Paid Search involves the payment of a fee every time a visitor clicks on your ad and comes to your site.

The key things to consider while implementing Paid Search include:

  • Focus on Return on Investment (ROI) which can be calculated by taking conversion rate (3-5%) x Customer Value
    (profit generated on customer)
  • Looking at competitor to see how you can differentiate yourself
  • Focusing on 70 character max in add to get to the correct landing page based on keyword
  • Determining max CPC bid
  • High leverage of Google ad word keyword planner
  • 10-15 keywords
  • Continuously updating

Digital Marketing

Guaranteed creativity and out-of-the-box Digital Marketing Strategy Services including Social Media Handling, Website Development, Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Email Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

In order to achieve marketing communication and branding goals, AGR helps our clients run Social media marketing (SMM) on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) to achieve marketing communication and branding goals via Social media marketing.

Out of all the SMM options available today, we recommend a focused strategy for each.


AGR creates and manage podcasting channels such as apple, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, RSS Feeds, Podbean etc.

UX/UI Website Solutions

We know how to bring out the best of the brand through User Experience.

We build custom UX/UI designs, merging precise technology with perfect creative design.

At AGR, UX/UI Solutions are beyond providing Web and App Solutions to Customers across the globe. Our solutions are holistic and systematic, applying interactive and graphic design concepts on websites and web applications.

We integrate a product with branding, design, usability, and function for excellent and tangible user experience.

User Experience: UX

Synergize User research with your business, brand and technology requirements into an
interconnected User Experience (UX) strategy. By assisting you to define the results you
want to generate and the core issues that need to be focused on through design, AGR
helps start-ups and business companies outline new product visions and build Customer
Experiences as UX design captures many areas, and views them from completely from the perspective of the user.

Our UX Strategy Services include:

  • Wireframes and Prototype
  • Research & Scenarios
  • Interactive Design

AGR optimizes the ability of User Experience engineering, applying design experience on a large spectrum – from simply improving Apps, testing user behavior and feeling when using a site or App- to even more comprehensive tasks, like making Business ideas pop out to target markets.

User Interface: UI

AGR aims for ultimate UI designs, retaining users, who otherwise simply exit from a website, an app, a web form or another kind of interactive interface, if it’s not designed
perfectly to detail, the AGR way- because it’s the platform of the users.

The best interface designs are seamless, coherent, barely- there, yet empower your user. They enable users to spontaneously navigate sites or apps, understand the value of services or products, and make decisions, leaving them happier, more satisfied and highly engaged. Beyond that, great UI design successfully conveys the personality of the brand and creates an enjoyable experience to build loyalty with the target audience.

Our talented User Interface (UI) designers focus on undertaking interface structure and workflow challenges through visual design, branding and layout. We also perceive content and data visualization requirements. All of this is addressed with attention to detail, visual aesthetics and UI best practices, by maintaining consistency and augmentation of the entire solution.

Mobile Application Solutions

Businesses grow with innovative mobile solutions. We are the best coding experts on main Mobile app development platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows 8. Our applications are user-friendly and retentive, being value-driven for each client.

Our experienced team, with high proficiency, is delivering your ideas in the form of iOS, Android, and Windows Apps that maximize your business profitability helping to reach the highest level of productivity, on schedule and on budget.

Our applications are attractive, yet functional, professional and value-driven for our clients. We understand the mobility and user experience requirements. We believe that a successful Mobile App development increases productivity, helps to achieve company objectives, improve the business process, brings mobility that will definitely enhance the business growth.

We believe that gaming, kids learning activities or content-driven apps can get your motive achieved, considering your vision, and our mobile app development experts are ready to deliver your motive in an effective and efficient manner.

Our End to End Approach

Our end to end experts make sure a successful path is created with business models that increase profitability to your business. Our mobile app development & design approach helps our clients to get involved throughout the project to the final release and ensure quick turnaround with great visibility.

From Design to Support

Our requirement experts design your ideas in an interactive way, which suit your needs to make your product valuable for end users. We evaluate various screen sizes and looks that make an app more aesthetic and easier to use than ever experienced before. We elicit the requirements effectively, design the models efficiently, code the project free of error, test with multiple iterations, maintain and provide support throughout implementation. We believe that active involvement of the client throughout the project results in gathering clear requirements allowing the harvesting of cost effective and time efficient development solutions.

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Windows App Development
  • Cross Platform Mobile Solutions
  • Phone Gap

Comprehensive Services

We deliver cost effective, time-saving, quality mobile app development solutions, with our development team ready to transform your ideas with the wide range of the following mobile services:

  • Requirement Analysis & Design
  • UI/UX design
  • Mobile application development (native and cross-platform development)
  • Delivery to market (Publishing app on the App Store, Google Play or Windows Store)
  • Mobile technologies consulting (design and code implementation/review, system architecture, feasibility analysis and more)
  • Mobile Testing

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