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$85 intro-pack offer for VISALYS® CemCore. Limit 1 per purchasing office. It only applies to first-time Visalys® CemCore purchases. Offer Valid through 12.30.2022.

This is the deal brought to you by KettenBach Dental!

Kettenbach is an internationally positioned and well-established company that has attracted attention in the dental sector for decades thanks to its inventions and product innovations. The foundations for efficient processes and successful treatment in dental practices have been established in dental impressions and restoration segments. 

Market-leading products:

  • Panasil® and Futar®, supplemented by the in‐house development of innovative materials such as Identium®, 
  • Product innovations in the area of restorations have also been added: for temporary and permanent restorations, the Visalys® product line is synonymous with quality at the highest level.

Act fast – don’t miss out on this exceptional value!

$85 intro-pack offer for VISALYS® CemCore . Limit 1 per purchasing office. It only applies to first-time Visalys® CemCore purchases. 

Visalys® CemCore provides an ideal solution for Dentists looking for simplicity, predictability, and consistency in their dental materials. Visalys CemCore is an adhesive resin cement and core build-up material that works with every Substrate for all your Indirect Restorations/Core build-up needs! Easy cleanup, High bond strength, and Beautiful, long-lasting results! Available in 5 shades (Universal, Bleach, Opaque, Translucent, Dark)

Hurry! Sink your teeth into this sweet Deal with KettenBach Dental.

Start the Year off with the phenomenal wind at your Team’s back – with KettenBach Dental.

Use the Code: DFD4U  To grab this Deal before it’s gone.

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