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$500 off the Dentele On-Demand subscription plan


This is the Deal brought to you by The Dentele Group, LLC.

Your human talent is your most important talent. The Dental Group has the most talented consultants who have expertise in the dental and medical industry, providing only top talented professionals that have excelled in communications and interpersonal skills while meeting all your requirements.

They most importantly focus on the selection process that they follow in order to place candidates in positions that are not only the best fit but also where they can thrive. A successful placement is of the utmost importance. If you are a dental practitioner who is looking to hire the best teammate, this is just the right place for you.

What is their hiring process?

Step 1: Discussion
An initial call will be placed in order to discuss your needs and determine whether you mutually agree that the candidate is a good fit.

Step 2: Plan
The Dental Group will design a personalized marketing plan based on the requested role and requirements of your company.

Step 3: Process
They will place the ads to search through their talent pool for active candidates, sourcing passive candidates and a virtual career event ( by request only, additional fee)

Step 4: Hire
Their turn-key solution will assist and guide you in finding your next team member in no time, saving you from wasting time and money while getting you the best team member possible.

Choose the best from the best!
Get the right person today! So DON’T wait – ACT QUICK!
Sink your teeth into this sweet deal with The Dentele Group, LLC

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