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Added By Edward Vilga

12 Minute a Day Yoga Intro Recreation And Other Awesome Deals

Dentists spend so much time hunched over, holding static positions for long periods of time. I’ve taught so many with neck and back issues (plus a lot of job-related stress).

I’m offering a $100 discount on my newest offering which starts July 10th.

And if multiple people at a practice sign up, an even deeper discount is available.

  • Unique 8-Week Course (online)
  • Designed for Busy People Who Can’t Touch Their Toes (and who have too much stress)
  • No Incense / No Chanting
  • Only 12 Minutes a Day
  • Works around your schedule
  • 3 Live Q&As with a World Class teacher
  • Again, entirely Online

Minimal Time Commitment / Maximum Results

Learn the Basics / Learn them Right

More Info: www.ExecutiveYoga.Fit

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