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50,000-plus dentist customers await! Join the DealsforDentists family

Congratulations on taking the first step toward reaching your target “community”: successful dentists! As a valued partner with DealsforDentists, you have a ready-made base of more than 10,500 active dental industry members. DealsforDentists provides a robust marketplace for similarly-successful and motivated vendors like you. The DFD program is an exclusive partner with ILoveDentistry (iLD) facebook community. This famed community of dentists and related dental professionals regularly dialogues on ways to elevate their practices and the industry as a whole.

Due to the multiplier effect of this tremendous Facebook Group and other iLD networks, DealsforDentists vendors have access to upwards of 50,000 dental professionals! So, DFD boasts an unparalleled hub of exactly the type of quality customers that you, your team, and your brand are trying to resonate with. And just ask any one of these savvy dental movers and shakers: Often, they won’t move forward with new offerings (products or services) unless there is an excellent incentive to buy. You’ve got the “deals” and we’ve got the “buyers.” Everyone is looking for great value. You handle the incentive side of things, and we, as DFD, handle the “resonating with your customer base/brand ambassadors” side of things.

Our vendor-partners have also found DFD to be of tremendous value, with flexible and varied partnership levels designed to suit all budgets. The minimum investment is $745 per month or $7450 per year to $4,990 per month or $49,990 per year.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Naturally, the more that you invest into this partnership, the more that you get back! For instance, our diamond partners are rewarded with three complimentary 15- to 20-minute promotional events on the iLoveDentistry Facebook Community Marketing and Promotions platform each year. Comparatively, silver and gold partners are still entitled to this benefit, but at a rate of one such event each year. Likewise, promotional posts designed to reach tens of thousands of members are crafted and shouted from the rooftops anywhere from one to five times per year, depending on the partnership level that you select.

Partners are also entitled to a range of additional benefits, including features on the DealsForDentists Podcast, Done-For-You Social Media Marketing on platforms with upwards of 5,000 connections, and featured video clips, graphics, newsletters, and testimonials.

Promote your brand to 1,000s of dentist-buyers. Schedule a meeting with the Founder of DealsForDentists, Dr. Eric Block, today. Dr. Block discovered firsthand the stress and time-consuming nature of searching for deals as a busy dentist. This challenging process was the genesis of DFD. Easy-to-access incentives, which inform a smart and fast decision-making process, have driven the success of this program and our ever-growing community of vendors like you — and the dentists who need your products!