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About Us

As a practicing dentist for almost 20 years, I have found the “new customer offer” to be a major factor in my decision making process.

I typically don’t move forward with a new product or service unless there is a good incentive to buy.

Such as, “buy 20 implants and get the surgical kit for free.”

I want to see what incentives and deals are out there and make the best decision for my practice without having to spend a substantial amount of time searching.       

This is why I launched 

To help dentists save time and money.

Also check out my book “The Stress-Free Dentist: Overcome Burnout and Start Loving Dentistry Again”

 A few years ago I was in a dark place I was suffering from a deep burnout and regretted my place in the profession.   I took action and sought therapy and along with some major changes and soul searching I am now back to the point where I enjoy going to work every day.

I wanted to share my story and the steps that I took to overcome burnout and get back to loving dentistry again. 

– Dr. Eric Block
Acton, Massachusetts